Our know-how from production to global services

According to your specific needs,our integrated Research & Development teams can assist you in the design and development of your products: choice of materials, thermal or protective treatments etc.


  • Electrical engine axles
  • Single axles (similar to a pin)
  • Rollers
  • Small diameter screws (up to 8 mm)
  • Hydraulic connecting parts (screw and bolt connectors)
  • Connectors
  • Thin-walled tubes (up to 2 mm)
  • Plastic and similar inserts
  • Engine parts and gear boxes
  • Door handle axles
  • Thermal treated and ground parts

Our company is equipped with a high performance computer management system ensuring seamless traceability and the possibility to manage consignment stocks.

Assembly, fitting and packaging
We have a special workshop to assemble and pack the parts that we produce according to your specific requests.

Associated services
We can also manage associated operations such as: heat treatments, surface treatments, grinding, milling, pinning, bending, marking, etc.