A family-run company from 1925

Bar turners from generation to generation
In 1925, Edmond Paulme, a graduate of Cluses watchmaking school, set up a bar turning workshop at the heart of La Roche-sur-Foron along with his brother Antoine. They started off by manufacturing TSF radio parts and then parts for bicycles and cars from the 1950s. A small company that Antoine's daughter, Edmonde, later joined along with her husband James Guillemot soon after.

Continued growth
While most bar turning companies subcontract independent salesmen to recruit new clients, James decided that he himself would be the representative for the family company. This was an innovative approach that ensured regular growth for the company.

In 1963, in order to cope with development growth, Paulme left the small workshop in the centre of La Roche-sur-Foron for larger premises measuring 2,800 m².
After Edmond passed away in 1971 and Antoine taking retirement in 1974, Edmonde and James took control of the family company. Bernard Paulme, graduate of the national Cluses watchmaking school and the Besançon engineering school, became manufacture and technical manager.

The new generation took over
In 1991, Didier Guillemot took over the sales department alongside his father. His studies in civil engineering and extensive experience in bar turning and the manufacturing of machine tools in Germany, Switzerland, England and the USA provided him with in-depth knowledge of the industry.

When Edmonde and James retired in 1995, Didier became sales manager while his uncle Bernard continued to manage the manufacturing and technical sides.

In order to achieve the development and performance goals, Paulme—now with 35 employees—chose to strengthen the management team by relying on the expertise and skills of specialists in site management, quality, production and accounting.